Industry Experience


Date: 06/2016 -- 09/2016

Manager: Djordje Tujkovic

  1. Performed mmWave measurements and channel analysis for the Terragraph backhaul mesh network
  2. Designed and coded a measurement system with Python and C++, being used in multiple countries


Date: 06/2017 -- 09/2017

Manager: Djordje Tujkovic

  1. Designed & applied algorithms of Golay & polarity assignment to mitigate interference
  2. Conducted a diagnosis framework with probing tools (over 150k significant lines of Python code) for network anomaly detection, root cause analysis, and topology optimization, for the large-scale San Jose network

Things to Remember (from Ben & Heather)

  1. Always pay attention to details.
  2. Always think from high level first.
  3. For making/presenting slides
    1. Do NOT forget about slide number.
    2. Use bullets to emphasize hierarchical structures, and when you do, make the size significantly different. (Content in this section is a bad example - no font size difference).
    3. Change your tone when you talk. It's more like a personal thing, but pay attention and practice more.
  4. For writing paper
    1. Create new folder in repo only if it is a new topic. Do NOT create random directories every time you generate another version of the same paper.
    2. Write high levels first. Write in the way other people could understand. No fuzzy balls. Be direct, and be simple.


Hmm.. A lot..

Music: Playing piano, singing, ...
Tech: 3D printing, Androiding, device hacking, ...
Sports: N/A (used to skateboard.. :P)
Entertaining: Watching movies (horror/comedy), Korean/American/Chinese dramas, talk shows, ...